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Cleanse & Heal Set

Cleanse & Heal Set

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Palo Santo, a sacred gift from ancient trees, emits a fragrant smoke when burned, purifying your space and inviting a renewed sense of clarity and tranquillity. Black Sage, used for centuries in rituals and ceremonies is revered for deep healing, aiding in the release of emotional blockages and enhancing spiritual connection and intuition.

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Contains 3x ethically sourced palo santo sticks and 1x black sage stick.

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Hold one end of your Palo Santo or Black Sage over an open flame until it ignites, then let it burn for a few seconds before gently blowing out the flame. Allow the fragrant smoke to envelop your space or pass it over objects, inviting cleansing and positive energy. To extinguish, carefully tamp the lit end onto a fireproof surface until the glowing ember is extinguished, and ensure it is fully cooled before storing.

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