There’s a magic that exists in
the moments in-between.

This is the art of ritual.

Welcome to
our world of
self care.

A moment to simply be, grounded in the mindful practice of daily ritual. BY THE BE.’s collection of consciously crafted products is hand blended in Canberra, Australia. Made with love from 100% natural, plant-based ingredients to nurture, heal and connect you back to you.

As Seen In

As Seen In

Created with
intention for
body and mind.

BY THE BE. was inspired by the idea that we are all designers in our own world and there is a creative soul that exists within each of us. We believe our power is truly held in our own hands - hands we use to connect, to hold on to each other, to feel, to heal, to create.

Our curated range of self care products allows you to be present, grounded and grateful for the small moments in between. Formulated with care using 100% natural and organic ingredients, each blend of essential oils has been considered not only for scent and topical benefits but for its spiritual and emotional attributes, centred on the principles of aromatherapy.

Allowing you to be present, grounded and grateful for the small moments.


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